SpanishUno 4.0

SpanishUno is a Software for learn Spanish spoken and written online
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SpanishUno is user friendly software created to learn Spanish spoken and written with an online learning system.
After downloading and installing SpanishUno a Welcome window will appear. You must to enter a valid user name and password. If you don't have it you can click on the button “I’d like to try SpanishUno” to open a trial user account (with a trial user account some functions won't be available). After introducing the name, user and password (email is not necessary) in the New user window, you will be redirected to the main page called Lobby. In the lobby are three studying centers: Classroom, Library and Gym.
The classroom contains grammar and writing lessons. Inside the classroom the grammar lessons are listed in order to learn step by step the pronunciation, Spanish accent, practice reading, etcetera( 48 lessons in total) so the writing lessons (8 lessons in total). Each lesson includes explanations in English, voice examples and links to the Library, the Gym or the lobby.

The Library contains texts with interactive dictionary classified by different topics like stories for each level, habits, jokes, slang, riddles and so forth.

In the Gym there are interactive exercises with dialogues, games, verb conjugation tables, etcetera.

It is free to try and limited by lessons you can access and the cost are for 3-6 months or unlimited ($48 regular user).

Roberto Jimenez
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  • Interactive step by step system with spoken and written tools


  • Free to try but some functions are disabled with trial user account
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